Cottage garden

The whole garden area of 75m2 is completely designed after new extension and the wall at the back of the garden is built. Aspects of Landscaping mission is to build cottage garden in the heart of Dublin

On the priority list of things to do is a patio on the sunny side of the garden, Victorian gazebo, low flowerbeds with cottage garden plants, climbers and a new large shed.

Our new project is to enable the creation of a garden that looks like a cottage garden. Aspects of Landscaping team design the garden which is easy to maintain despite the unorganized appearance. The new wooden fence is designed to cover the old, unsightly walls and to support climbing plants.

In this garden, everyone will find a suitable place for themselves. There is a bench to relax under the Victorian gazebo. The gazebo will be covered by climbing Wisteria and honeysuckle in the near future. There is also a rectangular, calibrated limestone patio area with a table and chairs perfect for everyday meals or evening social meetings

You will find here the portraits of the most beautiful plants. You will know those that have delicious fruits like blueberries, strawberries, and gooseberries, apple and pear trees. There are also those whose exotic flowers attract our eyes and arouse unbridled admiration like roses, clematis, All of these plants are mixed with great varieties of herbs and bulbs.

In this particular project, climbers grow nimbly and slop towards the sun, gently cover gazebo, walls and fences. There are evergreen ivy, clematis, fragrant honeysuckle and fabulously blossoming rose.

Unfortunately, not all aspects of a cottage garden can be shared with the contemporary lifestyle. In this case, we had to compromise. An old path leading towards the newly constructed green shed would look attractive with rough stones and grassy intervals or ground covering plants between them. But you have to remember that this area will be intensively explored. The compromise was to build a path of calibrated sandstone slabs with golden granite brick as the edging. The path runs through the entire garden and connects all tree patio areas leading to the new well-insulated shed.

The path along the shed was built using the same calibrated sandstone slabs which brings us to the back gates of this beautiful back garden design.

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