Garden Design Maynooth

  • Client:Maynooth, Co. Dublin
  • Date:June 2016
  • Info:Garden Design and Construction by Aspects of Landscaping

This garden design Maynooth is a modern outdoor living space situated in the residential area in County Kildare. It was designed by Marta Durek and build by Aspects of Landscaping team. The concept of this back garden project was to create outdoor space for relaxing and entertaining for the whole family. The client wanted to have low maintenance garden with a spacious sitting area in front of the large sliding door at newly build an extension.
Aspects of Landscaping has built parallel to the house, large patio area ( approximately 35m2) almost on the same level as the floor in the house. At the centre of the patio area Aspects of Landscaping build “L” shaped raised flower bed. This element of the garden design was plastered and painted with standing out colours from the rest of the garden. These two features brought our garden design closer to the house and make the patio more inviting.
Patio, the path leading to the shed and BBQ area was laid using light grey sandstone paving slabs. Another raised flowerbed was built with light grey Kilsaran Connemara decorative walling.
The whole garden design Maynooth was based on two colours: grey and white. All the walls were plastered and painted white. Pillars were plastered and painted with Anthracite colour matching sliding door frame, lights, awning and pillars. All the landscaping products supplied and fitted by Aspects of Landscaping team.
As the next step of this garden design Maynooth, Aspects of Landscaping team has set up modern timber fence. The fence was set up along the perimeter of the garden right above the plastered and painted wall. The fence was set and climbers Wisteria and Clematis were planted and trained to cover existing metal shed. Two bespoke timber side gates were hung to keep privacy while in the garden.
The other design idea for that back garden project was to create functional outdoor living space for the whole year around. Spotlights were set up at the edges of the patio area, lights with the warm white light hung on the walls and spike lights were set up in the flower beds. Mirror was set up on the opposite wall of the garden to reflect more light. All these elements help to extend the functionality of the garden during short days. The large awning was set up covering almost the whole sitting area during the summer rain.
The list of services for this back garden design closes on delivering plants, pots with herbs and planting. Plants such as Miscanthus, Ophiopogon, Stipa, Carex, Hebe, Ulex, Fuchsia, Erigeron, Verbena, Cineraria Silver Leaf, Sempervivum, Hydrangea, Liriope Spicata, Heathers, Acers and herbs were planted in the raised flower beds at the patio area and “L” shaped flower bed.

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