Aspects Of Landscaping Garden Services Dalkey

Aspects of Landscaping has been offering garden services Dalkey, Dun Laoghaire and Shankill area since 2009. This small back garden project based in Dalkey, Co. Dublin included ground rotavation, stump removal, ground raking and debris collection, clean up, ground levelling and smoothing an existing slope, ground compacting using the roller, laying turfgrass. The area was transformed into a playground for two happy children and a grateful dog.
Aspects of Landscaping has performed garden services in this back garden in Dalkey County Dublin starting from ground rotavating. The Aspects of Landscaping team had to take into consideration the depth of rotavating.
Our gardeners did not want to rotavate the ground deeper than 20 centimetres so it would not be too loose for later compacting with a small roller. The landscaping team raked the ground and cleared it of roots, stumps, weeds and other debris. Aspects of Landscaping crew levelled and compacted the whole back garden area using a roller, rakes and long timber lathe. Landscape gardeners laid the turf grass as the last stage of this back garden design.

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