Landscape Design Shankill

Landscape design Shankill project consists of a softwood deck sitting area, railway sleeper retaining wall and steps leading to the higher level of the garden.
Stepping-stones bring you to the centre of the garden, where the limestone patio was set, including pergola. Further along the stepping-stone path, we reach the shed area surrounded by ground cover perennials, shrubs and hedges. The timber and limestone beds and borders were created and filled with planting.
Aspects of Landscaping created this landscape design Shankill project primarily using two dominant colours purple and white with red rhododendrons, azaleas and camellias to contrast. Aspects of Landscaping introduced this landscape design to its owners in Shankill in June 2012. Aspects of Landscaping designers together with the client decided to use Tumbled Kota Brown limestone as a material for the patio area and split Kota Blue for stepping stones.
The patio area was set at the side of the narrow back garden design with a wooden pergola set over the patio. Clematis on one side and white Wisteria on the other side was planted for future privacy. Aspects of Landscaping faced two challenges during the construction works at landscape design Shankill.
The first challenge: The back garden had to be rising on one side for 0.5m to keep as much of the garden area levelled as possible. Aspects of Landscaping supported the split levels between decking area and the rest of the garden by a retaining wall made out of softwood railway sleepers. Three steps made out of Kota Blue Limestone were built for access to the higher level of the garden.
Second challenge: The property has no side entrance to the garden. Aspects of Landscaping team moved over 10 tonnes of materials throughout the client's house. The whole interior at the ground level of the property was secured with construction grade thick plastic covers. None of the walls was scratched or carpets damaged.

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