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Landscape gardener Stepaside, County Dublin have created this 300m2 back garden design project. This project, which included two sandstone circular patios with red brick edging, was designed by our professional landscape gardener. Round shaped grass area and paths made out of decorative gravel were also created by Aspects of Landscaping.
On one side of the garden raised beds were built using softwood timber. The same landscape material was used as edging and bark was used to cover the kids’ playground for safety reasons. The whole area including beds, paths and playground were covered by our landscape gardener with a Maypex membrane to stop weed growth. Walls were painted, and the trellis and wooden panels were set for privacy. The bin area and oil tank were separated from the playground with a fence for reasons of safety and odour. One of the sitting areas had a pergola erected and climbers were trained for privacy.
Our crew removed old decking area that was used as a sitting area in front of the house. The area was raised using compacted hardcore and the patio was set on the masonry mortar. The landscape gardener in Stepaside used camel dust sandstone circular patio slabs to create a perfect, beautiful sitting area. The whole patio area was finished with red brick for contrast and smart finish. Aspects of Landscaping, using exactly the same materials, created another patio on the opposite side of the house. Our experienced crew erected a wooden pergola above this sitting area and place for a masonry BBQ was implemented. We set up around and between patio area raised flower beds using softwood railway sleepers.
At the middle of the back garden landscape gardener Stepaside has designed rounded-shape grass area with a sandstone brick edge. The Aspects of Landscaping team levelled the grass area perfectly with sand-soil mixed with minerals and rolled it with the grass roller before turf grass was laid.
The opposite side of the garden was designed as a kid's playground. Landscape gardening team used softwood railway sleepers as edging and filled the whole area with bark to create a safe environment for kids. We set up a wooden edge sand pit. Bin and oil tank area were separated from the rest of the garden by erecting a wooden panel fence.
The landscaping company set up a framed diamond shape trellis and diagonal pressure treated panels on the walls for privacy. As an upgrade, we have provided a masonry BBQ.

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