Landscaping Gardeners Stillorgan

Landscaping gardeners Stillorgan have designed and implemented this back garden design project based in Stillorgan Co. Dublin.
Aspects of Landscaping has created the design including a patio area made out of sandstone and surrounded by 2 foot high curved drywall built using quartz stones. A fence line was also erected and side gates and trellis were hung. The whole area was rotavated, cleaned up, levelled and compacted with a roller. As a final stage, grass turf was laid. As a preparation of the ground works first the landscaping gardeners had to excavate approximately 15 m3 of soil and levelled the whole area with compacted hardcore.
Secondly, the Aspects of Landscaping crew laid the foundations for the curved quartz stone wall. The wall was built next, with the three granite steps leading to the higher level of the garden. The patio area was set up using concrete and mint sandstone slabs with fudge. Aspects of Landscaping also removed an old fence line and bits of an old wall's foundation.
New fence line was erected using 2.4 meters high "H" shaped concrete posts, concrete bases and renovated hit and miss cottage pressure treated wooden panels. This created a lovely curved fence line Aspects of Landscaping rounded shape timber posts.
As a final stage of the fencing front and back garden custom made gates were hung. At the gardeners and landscaping Stillorgan levelled the back garden area using four tons of sand-soil with minerals, compacted the whole area with the grass roller and grass turf was laid. The project was finished with planting according to the design.

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