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Aspects of Landscaping provides landscaping services Knocklyon, Rathfarnham, Templeogue and other areas in and around south Dublin. This almost 600m2 back garden landscaping project in Knocklyon, Dublin was presented with French drainage, including collecting points for water. The whole area was rotavated, levelled and grass turf was laid. A beautiful sandstone patio was created at the top of the garden with raised beds alongside fence lines. At the side of the house, the Aspects of Landscaping team created a playground for the children and sandstone stepping-stones leading to the shed were set.
The whole back garden area had been collecting water, especially in the middle of the garden and at the side gates and was causing a terribly muddy effect. French drainage was implemented by our service team as an integral part of the landscaping design to remedy this issue. Five trenches with appropriate slope were dug. Our experienced crew filled the trenches with proper size gravel and membrane, and a drainage pipe was laid.
All the five trenches and drainage pipes were connected together with one trench and pipe leading to a collecting point which can be used in the future for a watering system in the garden. Every trench and collecting point was covered with grass turf sod. The Aspects of Landscaping designer calculated the slope in the trenches, the size of the trenches and diameter of the drainage pipe. Precise calculations by the landscaping service crew prevent discharge of large amounts of water and help to keep the grass from drying out directly above the trench during the summer season.
Landscaping services Knocklyon team picked the sunniest spot of the garden to set up the patio. This sitting area was implemented using "Camel Dust" sandstone and cream granite brick was set as an edge. The whole area for the patio was dug and soil was replaced with compacted hardcore before paving slabs were laid. Landscaping service team set up raised flower beds using softwood railway sleepers. Vertical supports made out of the same softwood were set up first. Landscaping service team set up horizontal railway sleepers as the next step, isolated back of the created flower beds with a building plastic and filled it with the topsoil. Our experienced team covered the top of the flower beds with mypex membrane and bark was spread. As the last stage plants and small trees were set up.
Aspects of Landscaping service crew had ordered 620 m2 of grass turf to be laid. The children's playground was set up on the side of the garden as the last stage of this back garden design in Knocklyon.

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