Patio Design


The patio design is one of the most important aspects of our back garden. As a first step, Aspects of Landscaping considers what features our client would like to include. Then, our designer starts basic drawings to determine all garden features that might fit the size, layout and style of the future garden. As professional landscape gardeners, furthermore, we recommend to our clients to look at the patio design as an extension of their house. It can be used for dining and an outdoor living area. Building it close to the house allows for easy access, convenience and increased privacy. It emphasises the shape and style of the garden and often connects house and future garden. Finally, we use back garden patios to relax, to have a BBQ, partying, dining and to play.
Aspects of Landscaping' designer will recommend to set up the patio design in the sunniest area of the garden. The patio is also the most usable part of the garden. Consequently, Aspects of Landscaping recommend reliable, heavy-duty materials such as limestone, sandstone or granite which makes a final result attractive and hardwearing. Our patio design includes also the preparation of the area.  As landscape experts, we always prepare the ground before we set up patio slabs. The right amount and depth of excavated soil and well-compacted hardcore are crucial for long-lasting and effective patio design. Aspects of Landscaping never underestimate all the accessories for the patio. Large Patios areas are great for things like gas, charcoal and masonry BBQs combine with garden furniture and toys.

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Aspects of Landscaping specialises in natural stones. Our professional landscaping team can upgrade, renovate or lay brand new patio using sandstone, limestone or granite slabs and bricks. Aspects of Landscaping carefully select materials from quarries and suppliers from around the world and Irish market. As a landscape gardener expert, we choose paving slabs and bricks which are durable and structurally resistant to frost damage, oil spills and other chemicals. Aspects of Landscaping offers an attractive paving solution for urban areas, commercial sites, residential patios and driveways.

For more information or a free quote please contact our office at +353 01 606 0759 or  Magdalena's mobile +353 087 173 5150

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