Residential Garden Design Lucan

Residential garden design Lucan and commercial garden design are both part of the Aspects of Landscaping services on offer. This main entrance to the college and front garden design project based in Lucan, County Dublin was one of the public spaces that Aspects of Landscaping, teachers and most of all students proudly presented and designed.
We wanted to soften the harsh design of squares, rectangles and corners by implementing curved retaining walls and two circular raised beds made of granite and filled with plants and herbs. We also trained on framed diamond shaped trellises on the two opposing walls. A row of lavender along the granite kerb on the other side of the main garden brings uniformity to the look of the whole front garden design.
Aspects of Landscaping met with a few challenges in this residential garden design. First of all, the materials that were used by our team had to be durable, heavy duty and up to commercial standards. Secondly, all the plants had to be hardy and resist future damage by students. Even though the whole project was part of a public space, our challenge was to create a friendly garden design that had a "homely" feel to it.
Aspects of Landscaping excavated over 10 tons of soil, which was replaced with compacted hardcore and levelled with the sand grit of commercial garden design. The paving brick was laid, foundations and retaining walls were set this create raised flower beds. Evergreen plants were implemented and a herb garden set up. The whole garden was edged with grey granite brick that divides and emphasize each section of the project. On the right side of the entrance, our experienced team planted over twenty lavender and divided plants from the walking area with grey granite brick.
For the last stage of the landscaping work, the Aspects of landscaping crew set up anti-slip paving slabs at the front of the walkway. During the process from the garden design and landscaping works through to the finish, students and teachers engaged with our landscaping team to express their interest in design and planting.

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